Remote SIEM Consultancy

1.What is SIEM and SIEM Consultancy ?

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools are used to ingest, correlate and analyze the logs collected from various sources. Beyond log management, SIEM tools are primarily used for the detection of security incidents with their advanced cross-correlation capability.

SIEM Consultancy as a service, which defines the human, process and technology components required for the design, installation, and operation of the SIEM and SIEM components used in the institution. The service analyzes the resources available in the Institution on these human, process, technology dimensions and determines the activities that need to be done, prioritized, put into operation and operate them.

2.Your Benefits

SIEM Consultancy service is carried out by our experienced security consultants.

2.1 Identifying and Detecting Threats and Attacks

One of the best ways to detect cybersecurity incidents is approaching to the incidents both from an offensive and defensive point of view. Our R&D unit has developed the Cyber Attack Life Cycle Methodology by reviewing Lockheed Martin's Cyber Kill Chain and MITRE's ATT&CK Framework. All use cases are developed, tested, implemented and updated according to this methodology. In addition, all the detection use cases we developed are mapped to the MITRE's ATT&CK Framework tactics and techniques.

2.2 Visibility

SIEM Consultancy enable organizations to gain centralized, comprehensive visibility into environments by reporting, dashboard.

2.3 Correlation Rule Tuning

Correlation Rule Tuning is a method to reduce false positives alerts and irrelevant alerts. Thanks to SIEM consultancy , the correlation rules are tuned and prioritized for triage processes.

2.4 Effective Incident Investigation

SIEM Technologies provide the clues for security analysts to investigate, report on, and respond to attacks. The service provides the necessary preparation for detailed investigation of attacks or security breaches.

3. Plan

3.1 Analysis

Service Scalling Analysis

SIEM Maturity Analysis

Measuring EPS

Making a to-do list


3.2 Design

Defining Scope of Work

Making Action Plan


3.3 Installation

Preparation before Installation


Basic SIEM Configuration



3.4 Operation

Identifying Use Cases

Use Case Development

Use Case Deployment

Creating report and dashboard , setting alerts

Fine Tuning


4. Report

Periodically SIEM Maturity Report

The SIEM Maturity Analysis is carried out in four different categories. These categories are people, process, technology and effective usage. The analysis shows the competence of the staff using the product, the relationship between operational activities and processes, integration with technological tools within the organization and measuring how effectively the tool is used. It aims to increase the security level of the organization, according to the results of the analysis by determining the additional activities required.

As Offensify, we serve a wide range of organizations in finance, government, manufacturing and education sectors to overcome challenges in the SIEM implementation and maximize the SIEM’s capability by using a methodological approach with our experienced consultants.