MSS Guideline

Managed Security Services (MSS)

Managed Security is the service provided to small / medium / large Institutions / organizations that use or intend to use security technologies, but do not have sufficient human resources, experience or competence, or who wish to carry out these activities with third parties.

Why Managed Security Services?

  • Difficulties in employing competent staff,
  • Follow-up of cyber threats and inadequacies in actions to be taken against these threats,
  • Difficulties in the rapid realization of security operations due to changes in increasing threat factors,
  • To be able to benefit from the accumulation of experience and knowledge related to intelligence and cyber attacks accumulated by
  • Managed Security Service Providers,
  • Conducting operation in accordance with global security standards,
  • Providing documentation and reporting on security products that are operated,
  • The institution/organization to be out of its business focus,
  • Instead of capital investment (CAPEX) for the human resource to be
  • used in the provision of security services, it is allowed to be covered by the MSSP from the budget of the Operational Expenditure (OPEX) budget.

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